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AXTech is the proud winner of Statoil’s “Heavy maintenance of offshore wind turbines” innovation contest!


Statoil’s international Innovation Challenge received 48 proposals, so the competition was tough.

Out of these, three winners are chosen based on the defined criteria for the contest.

Statoil scientists and managers have evaluated our idea and the conclusion is that AXTech’s idea “Wind-worker” is “appealing”.

The innovation task was described as follows (extracts):

“Heavy maintenance shall in this innovation contest be understood to comprise replacement and/or repair of large components in the Rotor and Nacelle Assembly (RNA) of an offshore wind turbine. Examples of such components are rotor, rotor blade, hub, rotor blade pitch bearing, main bearing, generator, gearbox and transformer.

Jack-up vessels are used for this purpose in the offshore wind industry today. The proposed solution shall not depend upon the use of jack-up vessels or large floating crane vessels.

It is assumed that within short time the height of an offshore windmill (to nacelle) can be up to 150m. It is also assumed that heaviest item to be replaced on such a windmill may have a weight of 150t.”


AXTech is looking forward to developing this idea further together with Statoil.



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