Contact persons:

Kjell Ødegård
Director market, sales, services
Tel. +47 911 90 202

Asmund Sætre
Sales / Development
Tel. +47 92 41 03 78

Richard Myhre
Managing Director
Tel. +47 911 90 203

AXTech provides a wide range of deck skidding and self-powered trolley systems. All systems are specially designed to suit vessel and client requirements. We provide skidding systems for any equipment that requires handling on deck. Cargo trolleys for FPSOs may be powered by an electro-hydraulic or diesel-hydraulic system. Trolleys may be supplied with rubber wheels or designed for rail structures. Trolleys and skidding equipment can be designed for hazardous area applications. Sheave trolleys and winch skid systems are often designed as part of spread/turret moored Riser Pull-In systems.

AXTech has experience from delivery of skidding systems for special items, i.e. subsea modules, ploughs and anchors etc.

A-Frame and skidding system for Far Samson