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System: Special Handling System
Client: Technip, FR, Statoil, NO
Usage location: M/S North Sea Giant, North Sea


  • Rotating module handling tower, 400 tonnes
  • AHC Winches, 2x 200 tonnes/2 x500 m rope
  • Sheaves

AXTechs supply is a special Tower crane (AXTech design) which shall be operable in significant wave height of 4,5m. The modules to be handled may have a size of 10 x 12 x 14m. The unit shall lift the modules from the vessel deck, turn, and then lower the modules to seabed outside vessels ship side. An integrated Active Heave Compensation system (AHC) ensures that the modules are safely landed on the template.

System: Launch and Recovery System
Client: Nautilus Minerals, CA Soil Machine Dynamics, UK
Usage location: Papua New Guinea


  • 1 x 200 tonnes A-Frame and winch
  • 1 x 250 tonnes A-Frame and winch
  • 1 x 310 tonnes A-Frame and winch
  • Spooling Device
  • Active Heave Compensation Device
  • Sheave Units
  • Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Control System

The LARS system shall handle mining equipment for extracting massive sulphide blocks between the vessel and the seabed. Max operating depth is 2500m.

Download the Nautilus Minerals video

System: 2 x Pull in/Control systems for interim containment system
Client: Marine Well Containment Company, USA/ Bluewater, NL
Usage location: Gulf of Mexico

Components (per shipset):

  • Buoy Pull In Winch 300 tonnes
  • Riser Pull In Winch 150 tonnes
  • Hydraulic Power Unit 330 kW
  • Hydraulic Control/Back up Unit

The system is designed as part of a blow out capping/interim containment system for stopping oil leakages of up to 100.000 barrels a day. The AXTech control system controls and backs up winches, turret drives, oil valves, signal connectors and a rope cutter.

Link Marine Well Containment Company

Equipment: 315 tonnes Plough A-Frame (wide angle), and skidding system
Client: Farstad Shipping/Saipem
Vessel: Far Samson

This AXTeach system is equipped with a wide angle A-frame with an integrated stabilisation frame keeping the plough steady when passing through the splash zone. The skidding system consists of two self powered skidding pallets, each designed for a payload of 250 tonnes. One of the pallets suits into a hangar for weather protection of the plough.

Link Farstad Shipping

System: 2 x Module Handling Systems
Client: Subsea 7, UK, DOF Subsea, NO, Solstad Offshore, NO
Usage location: M/S Skandi Seven, M/S Normand Subsea, North Sea

Components (per shipset):

  • Module Handling Tower
  • 35 tonnes lifting AHC winch
  • 10 tonnes Curser winch
  • 2 x 5 tonnes Guide Line winch
  • Hatches
  • Containerized HPU
  • Skidding System
  • Active Heave Compensation

The MHS is designed for lifting modules to/from the seabed through a moonpool, and to safely move and store them onboard the vessel. Max operating depth: 2000 m.

Link Solstad Offshore